Monopoly Run for the Money Flower Pin

Harriete Estel Berman

Monopoly Run for the Money Flower Pin is a one of a kind Flower Pin constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans by Harriete Estel Berman. The fabrication methods are unique to my 28 + years of experience working tin. The colors for this pin are a true cobalt blue, black, red, and white. The tin uses a vintage image of the Monopoly Man and the Deed for Illinois Ave.

Every pin and sculpture I make is one of a kind. The series of Flower Pin brooches are about how we create an identity for ourselves in our consumer society by what we buy, and why we buy it.  So much of our everyday experience is the saturation of advertising and branding. It starts with putting on our underwear in the morning until we go to bed. Look around you at this second. I am betting you are looking at a brand name product and advertising even in your own home.

This particular pin is from a tin with vintage images of a Monopoly game that is very hard to find. A few years back when I was selling these pins in New York City, every pin I made with a Monopoly motif was very popular. If you like this Flower, buy it now. I can't promise that I will have it very long, and can not remake the pin. 

While each and every pin is one of a kind, I have a large selection of colors, sizes, themes, and price ranges already constructed and ready to post. (I love making these pins.)  If you don't see a color or product identity that interests you, please inquire directly. I am willing to post another pin on Metmerize without any obligation to purchase.    

A detailed description of the layers is provided below:   

Layers: Center is Illinois Ave Red stripe & white/blue; Monopoly Man running on cobalt blue background;  Black with white nutrition facts label; Blue sky with clouds.

Back: Monopoly Man running on cobalt blue background with red MONOPOLY edge. The pin stem is artfully concealed to be fully functional pin stem without the appearance of a commercial pin back.



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