Photo Policy

Metmerize’s goal is to present the artists and their work in the best way possible. Since we are a curated marketplace, each photo will be vetted to assure a measure of overall quality control. We aim for high-quality pictures with appropriate contents that will help buyers make confident decisions by zooming in to see the art piece in details.
In order for your photos to get approved, please follow these guidelines:

  • Size: 840 x 840 pixel is recommended
  • High quality and clear photos
  • Photos of different angles are recommended
  • Reasonable lighting
  • White/Black background recommended (Any Solid Color)
  • *Professional still life and editorials are allowed (Only if close up pictures are available)

*Note: We would love to have beautifully captured photos in still life or editorial format (staged backgrounds, or photos of your pieces on models), but we will only approve them if you also provide photos of your pieces on a solid color background. Please note that buyers, collectors, and gallery owners will want to see close up photos in order to determine the quality of the artwork since we are an online gallery.

Reasons why your photos will not get approved:

  • Size of the photo is too small
  • Pixelated photos
  • Low resolution
  • Blurry/out of focus
  • Nudity, inappropriate content
  • Photos with filters (unreal colors)
  • Partially/unevenly lit
  • Underexposed or overexposed
  • Distracting/unrelated background
  • Unprofessional photo
*Note: We do not allow any unprofessional photos if you are looking to find a photographer in your area to shoot your pieces, please contact us and we will connect you with your local photographers.