Curators' Guidelines

We are currently calling for those who are interested in joining Metmerize to help us curate a better marketplace.
If you are interested in becoming a curator ... 
  • you need to be currently a professional in metal arts industry
  • or you need to be an emerging artist in the metal arts industry
  • you have to have at least 2-4 years of experience in the field
  • you will have a plus if you are already curating related online industry content
  • you will have a plus if you are a member or an author of a related online gallery, forum or website
  • show enthusiasm to be part of Metmerize, despite its benefits

Curators' Benefits:
Those who join Metmerize in curating its content, sellers, and products will receive an honorable discount on their own art pieces when they list them. As it is mentioned on Metmerize's "terms of use", Metmerize will take 15% commission when a product is sold. For curators, this percentage will come down to 5% without any time limitation, as long as they are helping us curate Metmerize.
If you are not selling anything on Metmerize at this point, you will receive a monthly gift card from a supplier of your own choice.
Soon, there will be more benefits as we build Metmerize's future together.
We highly encourage our curators to follow these steps as a guideline when reviewing artists' profiles and their listed art piece/s.


  1. Review artist's profile, her/his statement, and biography to make sure they have a clear vision as an artist.
  2. Visit artist's website and go through its different sections.
  3. Review their contact information that is both provided on our registration field and their website.
  4. Make sure the artist is not currently enrolled in any professional program because Metmerize does not accept any student work at the moment.
  5. Based on their years of experience on the registration form and the information provided on their website, decide whether the artist is an emerging artist or an established artist.
  6. Make sure all the information provided by the artist is true and correct.
  7. Check for any errors, false information and any negative reviews about the artist.
  8. View their art pieces both the ones listed on Metmerize and their website to check their quality of craftsmanship.
  9. Ask for extra pictures, from different angles or with a better quality if needed to make sure that there is no damage to the piece.
  10. Check artists' social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  11. Contact the artist if needed to follow up with anything you might think will result in denying their profile.
  12. Based on your knowledge and experience you will have to make a decision on their level of expertise, quality of craftsmanship, design elements and innovations.
  13. Each review will go through at least two curators to make sure the right decision was made.
  14. If the decision coming from two curators did not match, there will be a third curator who will finalize the decision.
  15. In general, curators should look for anything that would make the artist or the art piece not fit in Metmerize's guidelines based on Metmerize's "terms of use", "privacy policy" and "photo policy".
  16. Curators should not consider their own personal opinion when it comes to the design aspects of piece/s.
Please send an Email to us if you are interested in becoming a curator at: