Our Vision is to lead an online gallery for artists who hand-make and design jewelry and metal arts. 
Metmerize recognizes the talents of renowned and emerging artists who use not only their brilliant minds, but their physiques and spirits to manipulate metal in order to create something unique. There is a significant amount of work each artist puts into the fabrication of a jewelry piece, sculpture or metal art of any type.
We acknowledge that there is an absence of appreciation of the true value of this ancient art in the virtual world. However, we recognize the presence and high demand both from the artists and the clients in this form of art. Therefore, we created Metmerize to fulfill this essential need of having an online gallery for this industry, which exhibits and promotes the craftsmanship of artists in the field of hand-made metal arts. 

Our Mission at Metmerize is to bring experienced metal artists and emerging artists together, in one place to establish a venue for them to get inspired, motivated and to gain knowledge in a professionally curated environment in which to promote their passionate works of metal arts.
Based in San Francisco, Metmerize connects those who appreciate this form of art with artisans and designers who create jewelry, sculpture, furniture and home accessories. We also promote the acquisition of metal arts to the buyers and collectors who are struggling to find unique pieces in either traditional shopping malls or inadequate online marketplaces. We celebrate the opportunity to compensate the talented and hardworking artists we represent.