Roxy Lentz

Artist Statement: 
"I was raised in the Missouri River Breaks of Montana. The rugged landscape has greatly influenced my work with its untamed beauty. I fabricate my jewelry from material others thought had no value. My jewelry is fabricated from recycled metals I find at thrift shops; I occasionally will use purchased metal but prefer the patina of metal that has a history. silverplate trays once given as wedding gifts, stored and then abandoned, copper wire from a building project, brass and sometimes aluminum bowls are crafted into one of a kind pieces that will bring attention to the wearer every time they are worn. In 2010 I received a grant from the Italian Cultural Institute of Louisville, KY to go to Florence, Italy and take a two-week course of intensive study in the fabrication of studio art jewelry, at the world known Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School. Jewelry resulting from this study is in the “Firenze Collection”. I show my one-of-a-kind jewelry at selected art shows, and in several galleries across the US. I love the patina achieved by using material that has a history, and I love that something others once thought had no value has been turned into artistic jewelry that will garner compliments for the wearer every time. This is jewelry with a mind of its own, for unconventional women."

Custom Orders: 
For custom designs please email us at with the name of the artist mentioned in the subject line.