Rachel Azulie

Rachel Azulie is a multi-disciplined jewelry artist. She has a background in fashion design and has worked with many mediums since the early 90's. 
Rachel's work is an ongoing journey of self-expression and experimentation with a particular affinity for bold, one-off statement pieces and wearable art. Her work never stands still and is impossible to pigeon hole.. always embracing new techniques, textures and materials, her work is constantly evolving. Rachel now works primarily with precious metal clay and electroforming, experimenting with texture, color and the juxtaposition of organic and geometric form. 
Azulie Jewelry has found its way onto catwalks, TV, and theater, and into the private collections of a global clientele. Rachel Azulie's creations are currently available to purchase online and via direct order. 
Born and raised in Chelsea, London, Rachel now resides in Brisbane, Australia.

Artist Statement:
"Azulie jewelry encapsulates the beauty of nature, striving to create unique, bold and precious jewelry for a clientele who seek to express their own uniqueness without compromising on quality. The Azulie brand celebrates the artisan, drawing inspiration from the master jewelers of old while utilizing contemporary methods, materials, and technologies from the 21st century. In a sea of generic bling and sparkle, Azulie counters the ordinary with the extraordinary."

Custom Orders:
For custom designs please email us at support@metmerize.com with the name of the artist mentioned in the subject line.