Andrea Castillo

Jewel Lab is completely handmade jewelry, by costarican designer and goldsmith Andrea Castillo… Jewels that are emotions, stories, which embody her passion for creating.
Its delicate lines, simple elegance and mindful attention to detail characterize the jewelry from Jewel Lab. By combining different precious metals and gemstones, with modern design, truly unique pieces of jewelry are created.

Constant sources of inspiration for Andrea´s creations include vivid memories of special moments, places visited in her travels, her fascination for water as vital element for humanity, and Chemistry, science that links different stages of her life.
We can define her as a scientific artist, by virtue of her past profession as a pharmacist. And from Chemistry, which is for excellence the discipline of transformations, has acquired the old alchemical ability to transform passion into the project, and the project into a jewel.

Andrea is this: A beautiful muse in which art and science are fused like a hug between Love and Psyche, and from this eclectic union is that Jewel Lab is born.


Custom Orders:
For custom designs please email us at with the name of the artist mentioned in the subject line.

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